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"Southern Cherokee Native American of Kentucky, Cherokee Native American Culture and Cherokee Native Americans and  we are Proud of who we are."

​​​​​​    Welcome to our site Cherokee Native American Culture, Cherokee Native Americans and  the Cherokee Native American. O'si'yo'/si'yo' to the official site of the  Southern Confederate Cherokee Nation of Kentucky.

A little note from our  Principal Chief, Micheal "Man Fox" Buley,  and  he is the only Chief of the Southern Confederate Cherokee Nation of Kentucky.

We are theCherokee citizens of "The Great Hill", located in Henderson Kentucky. Since our inception as the "Treaty Party" in 1835, we have been a band of mixed-blood, and descendant's of the Confederate Cherokee.

     However, we are no less Cherokee than our Tahlequah brothers and sisters in the West nor our Qualla brothersand sisters in the East. We further proclaim our rightful freedom, celebrate our Independence, and maintain our sovereignty guaranteed by a viable treaty ratified in 1966.   We teach our people the old ways and not by the books of any kind. We believe in the old ways not this new way of learning our cultures. Some people believe the books and not the old way to learn their culture.

         Wa doh Principal Chief Michael "Man Fox" Buley